Welcome to the Pregnancy Pantry

Hi everyone and welcome to The Pregnancy Pantry. I’m Vanessa, a wife and very proud mum to two gorgeous children. img_9869

The minute we decide to embark on the road to motherhood we are bombarded with dos and don’ts about the foods we should and should not be consuming and from the moment we announce those two little words ‘I’m Pregnant’ an overwhelming deluge of popular opinion and varying perspective follows.

Motherhood is such a joyous experience.  However it comes with so many pressures and those pressures regrettably begin the moment we utter those two special words.

For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I love  cooking and eating fresh nutritious foods, exercise and  the great outdoors.  I’m also partial to the odd glass of red wine, chocolate and every variety of cheese I can get my hands on.image

The expectations I had of my first pregnancy were that I would be able to adapt that lifestyle further and what would follow would be nine amazing months of delicious healthy foods and a post pregnancy body that would bounce back in no time. Who was I kidding?

That sentiment soon vanished when six weeks in all I wanted to eat were carb loaded foods ( Wotsits anyone? ) and the mere thought of vegetables and proteins turned my stomach.   Throughout my pregnancy I put on four stone, suffered severe heartburn, morning sickness, indigestion and constipation.  I slept with a bottle of Gaviscon next to my bed and spent the last two months of pregnancy on prescription paracetamol for hip pain.  Have I painted a pretty picture for you? 

Thankfully I lost the weight and I am now healthier than I have ever been.  My love of juicing, eating nutritional foods and exercise certainly helped but in no way was it a painless journey. Losing weight in your mid thirties whilst juggling a family and work life is not easy, but it’s also not impossible and I should say a massive thanks to my wonderful husband who supported me along the way .image

So the idea of The Pregnancy Pantry came to me when after much consideration we decided we wanted to do it all again and extend our little family.  Like so many women I had my reservations.  Could I really do it all again?   The weight gain, morning sickness, heartburn, and a very energetic toddler thrown in to the mix was always going to be a challenge. 

However the second time around I decided to do it differently.

I wondered if it was possible to avoid or at the very least reduce many of the pitfalls of pregnancy  simply by ensuring I consumed a balanced diet packed full of nutritional foods.

The first six weeks didn’t go entirely to plan and I did waiver on a few occasions.  I think our bodies crave what they need but I persevered through it and amazingly suffered no-where near as much as I did the first time round and halved my weight gain.

Did you know the modest banana is a natural antacid offering relief from acid reflux and heartburn. I didn’t but I do now.   The high fibre in bananas can normalise bowel motility and stabilise blood sugar levels to reduce morning sickness and nausea.  AMAZING!!  If the Banana can impact so positively on pregnancy I started wondering what possibilities I would find in other fruits and vegetables packed full of nutritional goodness?


So The Pregnancy Pantry was born.  All recipes included on my site are packed full of the vitamins and nutrients required throughout pregnancy and I have tried to adapt many of the recipes so that they utilise the foods that aid those uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy.

I really hope you enjoy my page and I welcome any ideas and recipes you may have and look forward to hearing from you.  

Here’s to a hopefully healthier and happier way we can enjoy our experiences of pregnancy.

Lots of Love 

The Pregnancy Pantry x