When Breastfeeding Doesn’t go to Plan

Nothing evokes more emotion; whether that be joy, love, anger, guilt or disappointment than the subject of breastfeeding and because at the time of writing this post for https://meetothermums.com/blog/view/wbfweek it was  World Breast Feeding Week I wanted to write a post on a subject that resonates so much with me and my path into motherhood. For…

Maternal Health Awareness – Its okay not to be okay

By writing a blog solely based on the health and well-being in pregnancy; I feel I have an obligation to convey this subject more than any other, however that’s not to say I feel I have to convey it but rather I want to, so maybe obligation isn’t the right word but I hope you get my meaning.


Food Cravings – What Your Body is Telling You

Food cravings; we’ve all had them.  With my first pregnancy I craved cherry tomatoes and would eat them by the bag full and even carried a bag with me at all times.  With my second I was a little more extravagant and craved smoked salmon, turned out to be an expensive week. I munched on…

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Okay so I know this blog isn’t pregnancy related but its a subject close to my heart and one I experienced this weekend.  This past weekend marked a new milestone in my mummy life. I knew the moment would eventually come, after all I’ve been dreading it since the day my son was born. I finally…