How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy

Oh, how pleasant and enjoyable is life when the sun is shining?

Here in the UK it’s an unprecedented balmy 25°C and I’m sat in my garden relishing in this rare April sunshine, whilst the hubster is prepping a BBQ.

 I know its not going to last, but who cares; it means summer is just around the corner and that means long days, super light mornings, the sweet sound of the ice-cream van doing the rounds, endless BBQ’s and general merriment in the sunshine.

However, the hot weather is not everyone’s friend and never more so than when  you’re expecting.   When pregnant our core body temperature rises, which is due to a combination of those pesky pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow pumping through our bodies. 

Both my kids were born in September, albeit a month early but twice I spent a wretched hot summer heavily pregnant, uncomfortable and bloody miserable.

I had always imagined summer pregnancies to be filled with cute floaty maxi dresses, my belly unashamedly on show, long walks on the beach, sun kissed tans and, of course, an abundance of glowing.image

The reality however, was very different (for me at least) – there was; in no particular order; the chafing thighs, the butt sweating, the sleepless nights, the risk of dehydration, the increased susceptibility to sunburn and don’t even get me started on the swollen feet, heat rash, sausage toes and fat fingers.

Yep summer pregnancy is no walk in the park ladies.

However, there are plenty of things you can do to ease the discomfort and keep yourselves safe when out and about in the sunshine.

KEEP UP THE FLUIDS, it’s so easy to dehydrate when you’re pregnant and this can cause you to faint, so ensure you carry a bottle of water with you always.image

BEWARE OF YOUR SALT INTAKE, watch your salt intake which you should be aware of during pregnancy anyway but more so in the warmer months; you’ll be thankful as it helps combat water retention which leads to those puffy sausage fingers and swollen feet and you’ll feel more comfortable too.

AVOID THE MIDDAY SUN, typically between and if you must go out try and arrange for it to be outside these hours and stay inside during the hottest part of the day.

WEAR LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES, natural fibre clothes are your best option, polyester is not your friend ladies.

WEAR A HAT, one of the wide brimmed ones and they look super cute too. sunglasses-2632259_640

INVEST IN A FAN, buy a battery-operated fan, one you can keep in your handbag always.

INSTANT COOLER, run your wrists under a cold tap of water, this is a sure-fire way to cool you down instantly.

COOL SPRAY, a friend recommended this to me and it was a lifesaver, works a treat when you’re stuck in a hot office with no air-conditioning and a small desk fan.

Stay safe ladies

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