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Hi ladies; hope you’ve had a great week.  I haven’t been able to blog this past week as we’ve been on our travels holidaying.  Nothing glamorous, just a week in a caravan with the kids. Secretly I’m glad to be back.  A week in a caravan with a four-year old and a teething seven month old is not my idea of a relaxing holiday.  It was certainly a challenge but amazing to have some quality time together as a family.

But I’m glad to be back in my happy space writing again.

The best bit of advise I can  give this week is to pack your hospital bag well in advance. With my daughter I hadn’t packed anything.  Granted my waters broke at 34 weeks so we were totally unprepared.  The second time around with my son I cautiously packed my hospital bag at 30 weeks. Thankfully we didn’t need it until I was 35 weeks.

But what items do you really need?Image result for travel bag

It’s so easy to overload with countless items that you don’t actually need at all and forget those essential items you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t pack.  The last thing you want is to have to send dad running for home with a list of the things you’ve forgotten.


So below is my Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for you, dad and baby.

For Mum:

  • Maternity Notes and Birthing Plan if you have made one.
  • Dressing Gown – a lightweight dark coloured dressing gown is going to be your best option.  I spent five days in my pajamas before I left the hospital so pack something comfortable and make it your new best friend.
  • Slippers for all those walks to the beverage room ( you’ll drink alot of tea )
  • Flip flops ( trust me on this one; you’re going to want these when you shower unless you have the luxury of your own room.  You are likely to be sharing with other women and things can get messy after you’ve given birth.
  • A nightdress or old t-shirt for when you’re in labour.  Its going to get messy and you’ll never wear it again so grab the cheapest one you can find.
  • Snacks, drinks ( high energy drinks ) plus water and magazines, a Tablet or a good book as there can be a lot of waiting around prior to giving birth.  The same goes for your birthing partner.
  • Socks – I never spent any time in labour as both were born by C-Section but I’ve been told by many ladies that your feet can get very cold during labour.
  • Your own pillows – hospital pillows are not comfy and they never have enough.
  • Phone and phone charger.
  • Maternity pads; although the hospital will provide you with these.  You may want to take your own. The bigger the better.
  • At least five pairs of maternity briefs or oversize cheap pants that you’ll never want to see or wear again ( Think big granny pants; the ones that go right up past your belly button) this is an absolute essential if you’ve had a c-section)
  • Lip balm.
  • Water Spray ( for your birthing partner to spritz you during labour, you may also want to take a handheld fan )
  • Toiletries; dry shampoo, moisturiser, make up, hair brush, hair ties, deodorant, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush.
  • Nursing Bras.
  • Breast Pads.
  • Spare Towel.
  • Going home outfit.  Your tummy will take a few days to go down so you’ll probably need your maternity clothes.  My feet doubled in size after my c-section. I’m talking giant clown feet and the shoes I entered the hospital in didn’t actually fit me after I’d given birth so be aware of this.

For your birth partner 

    • A change of clothes.  Showers are only for the use of mums so it may be a while before they can get a chance to freshen up.
    • Comfy shoes for all the pacing up and down the corridor they’ll be doing.
    • Swimming trunks if they want to join you in the birthing pool.  I’m pretty sure skinny dipping is frowned upon during labour.
    • Mobile phone and charger.
    • Snacks; if your partner is anything like my husband; he needs feeding regularly (a bit like a newborn baby )
    • Digital camera.

What should I pack for my baby?

  • Two or three sleep suits and vests.
  • A blanket for baby.  Hospitals tend to supply blankets but you may need one for the trip home if it is cold when you leave.
  • Newborn nappies.  Your newborn will go through as many as ten a day, sometimes more
  • Three Muslin Squares for all the milk your baby will bring up, you’ll be surprised just how much a small baby can bring up.
  • A pair of socks and/ or booties plus scratch mittens.
  • A hat.
  • An outfit for the drive home; the sleepsuits are the easiest.
  • Baby car seat,  some hospitals won’t let you leave by car without one
  • Jacket or snowsuit for winter babies; although you’ll need to remove before putting baby in the car.
  • A lot of tissues ( these are for mum ) I sobbed my eyes out leaving the hospital and cried the whole way home making my husband stop every ten minutes to check our son was okay.  Make hormones your friends ladies.  They’re here to stay

Wishing you all a very happy healthy pregnancy ladies and see you all soon

The Pregnancy Pantry x


7 thoughts on “Hospital Bag Essential Check List

  1. This is really helpful thanks. How many days in the hospital is this based on please? I’m likely to be in for 5 days with my c-section so I am thinking perhaps the overall quantities need to be increased to account for this. What do you think? And where do you suggest getting good/massive knickers from? M&S? Do I need to go up a size or 2 to accommodate my belly? At the moment I’m in my regular knickers still but they are low cut so probably won’t be so comfy with a c-section wound!
    Also, idea for your next post… how to choose a nappy bag. I’m overwhelmed by the options!! xx

    1. Well strange you should say that as that is on my list of blog ideas so maybe that’ll get me moving on nappy bags. Okay well this is based on average three day stay so go for two jumpsuits a day one for day and one for night for bubba. Ref pants the bigger the better trust me. I’m a size 10-12 and wore size 14 pants. I’d go to Asda and get a couple of cheap multipacks as you’ll live in them for six week after the op. Take a pillow too so you can put it under your belly and support yourself if you need to sneeze or cough. This will make more sense after the op. You’ll live in pjs but just make sure bubs has enough. Although your partner will be going home each night so can always get more if needed.. I spent five nights with my first and a week in total with my son so know how hard it is to work out how much you need but midwives are incredible. Right so changing bags next then 😂xx

      1. Thanks! This is very helpful! I’m actually based in Cyprus so no Asda for me but I’m sure I can find something in the same kind of price zone. I’m giving birth in the heat of summer so I think I might just be naked for all of August rather than in PJs. Hahahaha! The clinic where I go is about 5 mins from home though so if I run out of something or want something I don’t have I can easily send hubby on a mission. Poor hubby!!

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