Food Cravings – What Your Body is Telling You

Food cravings; we’ve all had them.  With my first pregnancy I craved cherry tomatoes and would eat them by the bag full and even carried a bag with me at all times.  With my second I was a little more extravagant and craved smoked salmon, turned out to be an expensive week. I munched on the stuff non stop  until the craving passed.

By all means give into your cravings once in a while; I know I did.  If your craving does nothing for your body nutritionally just take it easy and instead of chowing down on that whole chocolate cake try a raw cacao smoothie or mini chocolate bar. Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Call your doctor or midwife however if you crave weird substances such as clay, ashes, or laundry starch. This craving, known as pica, may be a sign of a nutritional deficiency, particularly of iron.

However for most women, food cravings fall into only a few categories: spicy, sweet, salty and occasionally sour.  Recent surveys have shown that only a very few women, approximately 10% actually crave fruit and vegetables during pregnancy.

Below is a list of common cravings and what they mean:

Chocolate – If you’re craving Chocolate your body is probably in need of magnesium. You could try eating nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit.  image

Sugary Foods:  Your body is likely to need a variety of the following:

  • Chromium – try eating grapes, cheese, chicken and broccoli
  • Carbon  – try eating fresh fruits
  • phosphorus – try eating nuts, vegetables, grains dairy and eggs
  • sulphur – try eating cabbage, cauliflower, cranberries
  • Tryptophan – try eating spinach, sweet potato and dried fruits

Bread Pasta and Carbs:  Quite a common one as many ladies, myself included craved these foods for the first eight weeks of pregnancy and often means your body is lacking in nitrogen.  You could try; if you can stomach it; chia seeds, nuts, high protein foods such as oily fish.

Oily Foods: This can be a sign your body is in need of extra calcium – try eating leafy green vegetables, milk and cheese.

Salty Foods: Your body is probably lacking in chloride or silicon – try eating cashew nuts, goats milk

Follow the link below to She Knows which lists the top twenty food items craved by pregnant woman and why we crave them.


What foods did you crave during pregnancy?  Let us know if you craved any weird and wonderful foods.

Happy and Healthy Pregnancy to you all

Lots of Love

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5 thoughts on “Food Cravings – What Your Body is Telling You

  1. Hi there:) I’m a first time blogger and first time mommy to be! Thanks for the follow and I look oh so forward to your blogs! Hmm I’m only 3 months but I’ve been only now starting to crave cold and fresh shings like I can chew on ice all day! And even a head of lettuce… I’m still not sure if I crave and seeet spicy or salty foods, I just really want the cold and fresh! I wonder what that could mean?

    Very nice to come across your blog,

    1. I hear from air of ladies who crave ice.. thankfully I didn’t as I don’t think my poor teeth could have handled that. Keep me updated and let me know how you get on. There are some great sites on line about Pica which is craving foods with no nutritional value and I think Ice may come under that category xx 😘

  2. I ate so many cherry tomatoes there for awhile in this pregnancy! I loved them! Also bananas, watermelon, greek yogurt, peanut butter, almond milk, and ALL THE CARBS. 😉

    1. Wow 😳 fantastic you craved so many healthy foods. With my first I unfortunately treated my body a bit like a dustbin and really suffered. Second time around I learnt my lesson.. so weird our cherry tomato craving

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