Happy Mothers Day

Today we honour the women in our lives and thank them for raising us, nurturing us and supporting us, and above all we show recognition to those that have inspired us.

There are many interpretations as to when and why ‘Mothers Day’ is celebrated but ultimately it is a modernised version of Mothering Sunday which is a celebration by Catholic and Protestant Christians which dates back centuries and falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

The honouring of motherhood can also be traced back to the ancient Greeks who held celebrations and festivals to honour the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

In 1908  Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia and her campaign to make Mothers Day a recognised holiday in the United States began in 1905 the year her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis died and today we celebrate it in many different ways around the world.image

So for today I thought it would be fun for everyone to get involved in posting their comments about what it means to them to be a mum or what their mums mean to them or even just to acknowledge any of the great women in their lives who have inspired and shaped them into who they are today.

Despite deciding to write this post; I realised half way through how hard it was for me to sum up my feelings on being a mother in so few words.

But basically being a mum to me is about knowing how to get rid of the ‘bogeyman’ in the middle of the night, or knowing where my daughters favourite bunny is at all times. Its knowing exactly how she wants the boo-boo cream applied to her scraped knees and its the contentment  that washes over me when I hug them and knowing that they find so much comfort, hope and love in those hugs.

Its looking forward to our Sunday mornings snuggling in bed watching CBeebies before making pancakes and dancing around the kitchen singing at the top of our lungs and its the smile on my baby boys face when I walk into the room.

I want to empower my children and to show them that they can achieve anything and to never stop striving for happiness and great things, and by great things I mean learning to hop on one leg or finally managing to nail that ballet move that had proved so hard the week before.

It’s taking a step back and smiling appreciatively when my daughter  proudly tells me that she finished my art work for me that I’d spent five hours on and left out on the coffee table while I made the dinner. Its raw, its messy, its rewarding, awe-inspiring, challenging and terrifying.  The list is literally endless.image

Everyday I learn more. More about them and more about  myself.  I make mistakes and I’m not perfect but my children make me want to be the best version of myself I can be.   There is no greater love than the love I have for them and I know that I’ll spend the rest of my life conquering and manoeuvring around the hurdles of motherhood as I hopefully guide them, inspire them and nurture them into each stage of their lives so that they too can become the best versions of themselves and of course I’ll do it all with a smile on my face.

Well most of the time anyway, sometimes it might look more like a grimace.

I also asked a couple of my mummy friends to help me out and they didn’t fail with their beautifully written interpretations of what motherhood means to them:

“Being a mother is intrinsically linked to happiness for me. I always looked forward to being a mum and I loved the happiness and joy that children feel so easily.   As a teenager I loved playing with my friends younger siblings and also helping at Brownies as I was a Guide and Ranger! Every mum comes to motherhood at a different time in their life and for me I waited until later on once I had studied at Uni, worked and travelled and eventually met a great man who became my husband, so I became a mother at 34.

And I have treasured every moment because of that wait. No matter whether it was a wonderful high or a tired or emotional time being a mum has made me the happiest person in the world. Being a mother means to me another way of teaching and learning about the world all over again, regaining that sparkle of learning about wonderful new things! I felt such awe as a child at the beauty of the world around me and now as a mum it helps me stop feeling “jaded” by people or systems that aren’t in alignment with goodness that can drag us down and it gives me the impetus to show Seren all the possible goodness on Earth.

I definitely also want to work to make it a better place for her to grow up in, such as maintaining biodiversity in the environment. It really motivates me to stay in “happiness” and to always make the choice to shift out of stress or pain as quickly as possible, to make it better for both Seren and I and our growing family as we are going to be parents again for the second time this summer yeay!”  – Jenniferimage

Motherhood gives you more gifts than you could have ever dreamed of, but also challenges you more than anything before and makes you find strength that you never knew you had. For me, motherhood is in the little moments… the proud look straight at you when they have just read their part in assembly, the little hand that seeks yours for reassurance when you both enter a room full of children and they feel shy, or the little note left under your pillow telling you that you are the best mum ever! These little moments that seem forgettable to anyone else, yet they weave the thread between us. We all talk about the big “first steps” moments, but for me, these little moments are the ones that show the strength of love between us, and are the ones that make my heart burst” – Laura

Plus a few extra fun quotes below from people I don’t know but wish I did:


“I don’t know if I feel like a bad mom, but at the end of the day I’m always plagued with, did I do enough? Should I go in a different direction? But I also know that my entire life revolves around [my son] Louis.” —Sandra Bullock

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” —Stevie Wonder

“Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.” —Meryl Streep

She raised us with humor, and she raised us to understand that not everything was going to be great—but how to laugh through it.” —Liza Minnelli (on mom Judy Garland)

[When] you’re dying laughing because your three-year-old made a fart joke, it doesn’t matter what else is going on. That’s real happiness.” —Gwyneth Paltrow

So let’s get involved today and spread the word, spread the love, share, like, tweet and shout out to all the amazing women in our lives.

Wishing you all a very Happy Mothers Day, especially my amazing mum who is sunning herself somewhere on the other side of the world today.

lots of love


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