Its all about the Oats

When I was pregnant one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast and which I just couldn’t get enough of were overnight oats.

Loaded with goodness, ideal if you’rBircher Muesli with Almond Milk: e feeling a little nauseous and with enough complex carbohydrates to help you through the morning with ease; they’re the perfect choice.  Best of all they can be adapted easily to accommodate your taste preference.

Over-night oats have been getting a lot of coverage lately and have become almost fashionable again. Certainly an upgrade from the oats and boiled water with a sprinkling of sugar that we used to eat as kids.  Literally everyone I speak with these days has a variation that they swear is the best.

It’s no wonder to be honest that oats are making a comeback.  In addition to tasting fantastic, they’re higher in fiber and protein compared to other grains and their benefits include lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels whilst also protecting against skin irritation and reducing constipation.

The following are my overnight oats; which of course is the variation I ‘swear by’ 

Firstly you’ll need an air tight container and enough oats for however many servings you’re making.  To be fair; any type of milk is good but my choice is unsweetened almond milk which is packed full of nutrients . Almond milk is low in fat, but high in energy, proteins and fiber. It contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc so its the perfect choice for expectant mothers.    I also like to add full fat Greek Yoghurt which isn’t essential but tastes too good not to add.

Cover your oats with just enough liquid to totally soak them.  At this stage I add a large dollop of yoghurt and give it a good stir.  If you’re adding chopped nuts and seeds and any dried fruit add this now.  Give it a good stir again and seal in your air tight container and place in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight ready for the morning  when I  add sliced bananas and apples with another dollop of yoghurt.

It’s an ideal breakfast for when you’re in a rush or if like me you eat your breakfast at your desk.   You can go one step further and adapt by adding cinnamon which not only tastes delicious but is one of the healthiest spices you can use as it can lower blood sugar levels and reduce heart disease.

Any type of berry is perfect too and I’ve always got a bag of frozen berries in my freezer at home, they’re cheaper than fresh berries but equally as nutritious.

For a really glutinous treat; because lets face it sometimes you just need something sweet, you could use full fat milk, raw cacao powder and honey.


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