When Breastfeeding Doesn’t go to Plan

Nothing evokes more emotion; whether that be joy, love, anger, guilt or disappointment than the subject of breastfeeding and because at the time of writing this post for https://meetothermums.com/blog/view/wbfweek it was  World Breast Feeding Week I wanted to write a post on a subject that resonates so much with me and my path into motherhood. For … Continue reading When Breastfeeding Doesn’t go to Plan

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Why do we get morning sickness? Well, although women have been giving birth for over a million years -  Unbelievably, doctors are still uncertain about the exact causes of morning sickness. The ever-popular theory is that it is the bodies reaction to the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is the hormone that is present … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness